FALL Cleaning Tasks


Ahh! The crisp cool smell of fall is in the air. While the days are still warm and sunny it is snugly weather at night- which I LOVE!!! The trees are still green, but some are starting to turn their brilliant autumn shades. When you look around you will notice all the little critters start […]

Summer Hit List


As the summer winds down and fall starts I’m sharing my Summer Hit lists. Everything on here are summer staples that are absolute classics and stand the test of time. On now that fall is quickly approaching these items can be found at discounts. So stock up now for next summer!! You always need a […]

Have a Healthy Back to School


Well no matter what part of the country you live in, if you aren’t already back to school, you will be after this weekend. Are you in need of some healthy, good quality vitamins for your kids? Shaklee has some great products for children’s health. Here’s the regiment my kids (5 & 7 years old) […]

August Favorites


Shaklee’s Shampoo and Conditioner- this stuff is so great! My son and I recently had a reaction to the green shampoo we had been using (I think). He developed eczema at the base of the back of his neck and I had an itchy rash in the same place. Because both were localized I thought […]

Mosquitoes Really BITE!!


My six year old suffers from a mosquito bite allergy… I think. Every year we end up in the doctors office (usually twice a year) because it gets red, swollen and hot. Then we end up on an antibiotic or they send us home to wait a few more days and  try Benadryl and cortisone […]

July Favorites

july favs

Shaklee’s Enfuselle Hand & Body Lotion- was a favorite for dry irritated skin in the winter and makes it on the favorites list again in the summer. With lot of dresses happening in this heat nothing  works better at keeping my skin looking soft and healthy.   BoyMom Hat- I wonder why this topped the list….. […]

Fashion Friday: Tropical Trend


Palm Print Dress/ Palm Tankini/ Pineapple Tee/ flamingo scarf/ citrus romper/ palm purse This palm print dress is on sale right now for $20 @ Old Navy. A very budget-friendly option to take this trend on a test drive. Too much print for you? Tone it down with a cardigan. Try a high-contrast black and white […]

Unexpected Summer Uses for Shaklee’s Organic Basic H2


If you follow me you know how much I LOVE Basic H2.There are literally thousands of uses for it. Besides as a traditional cleaning product, here are some rather unexpected uses for Basic H2 for the summer: 1. Add a few drops of Basic H2 to your kid’s splash pool to keep the water cleaner […]

June Favorites


Lu La Roe- Y’all I fell down the LuLaRoe rabbit hole. I bought a pair of black leggings and I literally live in them- they are so soft, like nothing I have ever worn before. I admit I am not crazy about all the wild prints. But I have bought some more subdued pieces; a […]