Square Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes are a fun decoration for baby showers and they are easy to make- especially this one.
Typical round diaper cakes have each diaper wrapped and then rubber banded- a pain for both the one creating and receiving the cake. A square diaper cake has the diapers folded and then you stack them and tie them together.

First you start with a diaper, the newborn ones are too little, size 1 or 2 works well. The diapers I used were Honest Company Diapers.
Check out my review of Honest Company Diapers here.
Then fold the diaper in half.
Take the next diaper and fold it in half and stack them together so that the folds alternate.
Keep folding and alternating to make a stack of 15 diapers. Tie a ribbon, or twine or use a large rubber band to keep them together.
Repeat this stack of 15 twice. This means you’ll have 3 stacks of 15 diapers-
this will be the bottom layer of the cake. Then take some ribbon and connect
all three stacks together to form the bottom layer.
For the second layer make two stacks of 12 diapers.
Stack it on top of the bottom layer and tie them together in between the two layers. 
For the top layer make one stack of 10 diapers and place on top as the top layer
and secure it to the one below it as you did with the middle layer.
Now for the fun part- decorate it with fun baby items like lotions, socks,
brushes, hair clips, burp cloths, wash cloths, shoes, etc.

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