Spring Cleaning 101

Here it is!!! My Spring Cleaning 101.
All the how-tos put together in one place and
grouped by room for you to easily access.

1. I always start with The kitchen- it is the heart of the home.
Here’s how to Spring Clean the Kitchen

2. Then it’s on to the next dirtiest room- The Bathroom.
Here’s how to Spring Clean the Bathroom

3. Then it’s onto the Linen Closet.
Here’s how to Spring Clean the Linen Closet

4. Next it in onto The Bedrooms.
Here’s how to Spring Clean the Bedroom Closets
How to Clean Curtains
Spring Clean the Bedrooms
How to Dust
How to Clean Your Pillows

5. Now we move on to cleaning the Windows.
Here’s how to clean your windows from inside

6. Then we move to the Living Room and/or Den.
Here’s how to Clean the Living Room and Den

7. Now we clean The Dining Room
Here’s how to clean that dining room

8. Now we attack The Laundry Room and or Mud Room.
How to Clean your Dyson Vacuum
How to Clean Your Washing Machine
How to Clean your Dryer
Enjoy having a clean house!!



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