Kid-Friendly Coats Solution

Hi there! Back to School is in the air as the fall chill is starting to break through the August heat. If you haven’t already started back to school then you are about to.  :( And with school starting that means coat weather will soon be upon us once again.  So I thought I would share a light bulb moment I had last winter on how to store our coats so they were easily accessible and the kids could get them and start to get ready when mommy said its time to go.

Are you ready…..this one was REALLY DIFFICULT!!! Just kidding ;)
I purchased this coat rack from target (I wanted one that the rungs did not stick out far) and hung it at kid-level next to the front door. Instant storage for coats and hanging them low and by the door gave the kids ownership and now they can start getting ready without mommy having to open the closet to grab coats to high up for them.


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