Adventures in Sunscreens

Do you have trouble finding a sunscreen?
Do you or your children break out from them?
I have had this problem with my boys.
Mommy passed on her very sensitive Irish skin so I have trouble finding lotions
 that don’t make them break out in a eczema rash.
Which makes finding sunscreens  tricky.
I want a sunscreen that is as natural, nontoxic and won’t irritate their fair skin, plus it needs to work!
Our skin is one of our largest organs and it does absorb what you put on it so I don’t want lotions or sunscreens that have toxic chemicals going on it, especially for my kids.
Last year we used California baby and it worked for us.
This year the new bottle made both of them break out in an eczema rash.
(Not sure if they changed the formula.)
Back to the drawing board!!!
After a lot of research and reading tons of reviews I ordered two sunscreens to test out.
They both have a rating of 1 on the EWGs website.
They both worked, but one I like better than the other.
First one is the Honest Company Sunscreen.
It was great on their sensitive skin- no irritation,
but it was difficult to rub it and then they were very sticky even hours later.
The second one I liked a lot. It was Badger brand sunscreen. I bought the baby formula.
This stuff worked great, no irritation, smells great and rubs in easily and leaves no sticky residue.
Also no toxic chemicals- its all natural.
So if you are in the market for a new sunscreen I suggest you give it a try.


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