Ghostly Milk Jug


Make this adorable Ghost from a Milk Jug to scare up some Halloween fun.
Items Needed-
Plastic Milk Jug
Black Sharpie Marker
String of white lights or battery operated candle
This craft is sooo simple and you should have these items at home:
-Clean out a used Plastic Milk Jug. I washed out with soap and water, then let sit in vinegar at water and rinsed so no yucky spoiled milk smell would stick around. Then dry well.
-Using the black sharpie draw a ghostly face on it.
-In the back of the jug cut a flap the size of your fist.
-Insert the white twinkle lights¬† through the flap and plug ‘em in to light up your ghost.
Use to welcome your guest up the drive to your front door.
Happy Haunting!!


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