Mummy Mason Jar


Today I am sharing another easy-peasy, child-friendly, budget-friendly Halloween craft decoration.

Items Needed-
Mason Jar
Toilet paper, cheese cloth, or white streamers
Googly eyes
Double sided tape or regular tape

This one could not be more easy-
-Save a used Mason jar (ours was from jelly, but spaghetti sauce would work too).
-Clean the mason jar.
-Using cheese cloth, toilet paper or white streamers wrap the outside of the jar from bottom to top.
-Secure with tape.
-Add googly eyes (we had sticker on hand so I used those).
-Insert candle (I had a tiny battery operated one I used)

Use these as decorations around the house. You could line your walk way with these the night of the party or Halloween. Or decorate you Halloween table with a bunch of these in all different shapes and sizes.


Happy Haunting!!!


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