What’s in Your Breakfast?

What do you eat for breakfast?

If you are like me, a busy working mamma, then it’s usually on the go and an after thought.
The kids lunches are made and packed in the fridge ready to go the night before…but you don’t plan ahead for yourself!

Maybe you stop by Starbucks or Dunkin’ Doughnuts in your travels, maybe its a bowl of the kids cereal or maybe even a few chocolate chip cookies on the way out the door. (not that I would know anything about that last one…AHEM!)

Well Shaklee has the solution for you! The 180 Shake Plan.


These shakes are easy on your time, your wallet and your waistline!

They are a delicious way to help you lose the right kind of weight- FAT, not muscle.

I just started the 180 Turnaround kit last month. So far I lost 10 lbs and about 2 inches off my tummy.


What do I do?

-I have one of their meal replacement shakes for breakfast and lunch and then a sensible dinner.

-I take the 180 Metabolic Boost with every meal.

-I drink at least one of the Energizing teas a day.


I make my shakes in the morning and drink one around the house while I am getting myself and the kids ready.

I bring one shake and one tea with me to work and plenty of extra water.

I leave meal replacement bars in my desk at work in case I am pressed for time that morning and did not get to make my shakes.




With 180 you lose the fat, and keep your muscle because of their secret weapon- Leucine®.  I noticed my clothes starting to fit better the first week I started and my husband and friends started noticing as well. But I had only lost 2 lbs by then, but I was loosing inches and that’s what was making the difference.

The problem with conventional diets is that you lose muscle along with fat, which can slow down your metabolism and makes it easier to regain weight. Different from anything you’ve tried before, the Shaklee 180® Program is Powered by Leucine®— an essential amino acid—and is designed so nearly every pound you shed is fat, so you can lose inches.


I am excited about the progress I have made so far with my weight and am looking to see how I do at the end of this month.

Hopefully by then I can do a 180 weight loss update with some pictures.


Order your 180 weight loss kit today and loose weight with me!!


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