Boy’s Closet Makeover

So over the holiday break I got the organizing bug.

A living room floor covered with Legos spurred me to find some much needed space for all the toys.

My son’s room had some wallpaper that was peeling off so I finished the job.

Then I stared at his gross walls covered with dried, old wall paper glue and peeling paint and I thought

UGH!! I really wasn’t in the mood for washing, sanding and painting his closet.

So I searched the internet and came up with a plan. Wrapping paper.

PicMonkey Collage

So I ordered some wrapping paper off the internet and stapled it to the walls in his closet.

It covered the walls, it was less work, it is not permanent and it brightens the closet.

Then I added shelving on the bottom for toy storage, hung his shirts and got some storage bins for outgrown clothes for the top.

This way as I find he outgrows things I toss them there and then when the bin is full I know it’s time to donate them.

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