Lego Storage






Well Santa brought us tons of Legos…and by lots I mean umpteen hundreds.

We had boxes and boxes of Legos taking up so much room in my oldest son’s room you could not move.

We already had these nifty storage cubes, one in his closet and one in his room. So I set about reorganizing them.

First we took a look at what toys he still played with and what we could pass down to his brother.

I needed room for storage of the Lego set he had not put together yet, So I found toss-away Tupperware that I had in my pantry and put the Lego set to be made in those with their instruction booklets and tossed the boxes in the paper recycling.Those I put in his closet cube storage. (pictured on the right)

We also needed room to display the Lego pieces he had created. By editing his toys down to what he really played with I was able to free up a whole row in the storage cube for those completed pieces. This way they are out of the way, safe from getting knocked over and he can easily see them and get to them when he wants to play.

We also made a bin just for all his Lego characters, that way when he wants to just play with them he can easily get to them.

What do you to organize your kid’s toys?

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