How I Healed my Son’s Eczema

My seven year old son has suffered from eczema the past few years.

His hands get so bad they can bleed. Thankfully, he doesn’t get it everywhere like some people can.

It is worst in the summer and winter probably due to dryness in winter and the heat and humidity in the summer.


We went to the dermatologist for ointments and creams which did not really work and

I didn’t really want him on steroid creams for extended lengths of time.

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Then I found Shaklee! ♥

The combination that worked for us was the following:

1. Changing all our cleaners out to Shaklee’s nontoxic cleaners. Get Clan Kit

2. Changing out our laundry products for Shaklee’s nontoxic, fragrance free versions. Shaklee Laundry Products.

3. Changing our bathing products. I use a little basic H2 in the bath water and the meadow blend soap to wash them.

I also use the Shaklee shampoo and conditioner and body lotion on him.

4. I use the Honest Company Healing Cream on his hands at night and put cotton socks on them to hold the moisture in if he gets really dry and cracked, but usually it doesn’t happen anymore.

5. And this is the biggest factor that really changed things for us. I added Shaklee’s probiotic pearl to his diet.

If I run outta this stuff his eczema starts to come back so I have it on auto ship now so we never run out.

It is a tiny capsule, so he takes it with a spoonful of yogurt.

When purchasing the probiotic capsule be sure to choose “Probiotic Complex (capsules)” from the drop-down menu on the right hand side.


To see how some other mommies cured their child’s eczema with Shaklee products check out these links:


(updated eczema regiment 1/5/17)


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