Declutter: Kid’s Art Supplies


kids art storage

We have a budding artist in the family. He loves to color and draw superheroes.

Which is great! I love that he’ll sit there and draw for hours. Better than being hooked up to a device or watching TV.

He uses his imagination and it’s great to stimulate his brain. So I fully support stocking his art supplies.

But it was getting to be too much clutter-wise. So I had seen some similar ideas on Pinterest.

I looked around my house and used what I had. I found this basket and made a conscious decision that the art supplies would be easily accessible to him and must fit in this basket.

I found some small mason jars I had bought for a project a long time ago (and never used and have since forget why I purchased them.)  Do you do that too? Nope. Just me…OK moving on. And some small plastic cups and grouped together his crayons by colors, and other art supplies where grouped together by type.

It’s is now out on our kitchen table where he draws. He can access all his supplies easily, no more dumping the bins out to find one crayon. I don’t have to clean up his supplies now that it isn’t a chore to put them back.  He’s happy…I’m happy- It’s a win for everybody!

How do you store your kid’s art supplies?

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