Declutter- Shoe Storage



Remember back in the beginning of the Year I said I was going to start decluttering my house and I did a few post on closet reorganizing and Lego storage then I had no more on the topic for a while? Well I am back with another storage solution.

Now that the warmer weather (and by warmer I mean not freakin freezing) has finally hit us here in the Northeast we have begun to get back outside in the yard to play.

Playing outside is great! The fresh air is so relaxing and I feel calmer and the kids sleep better when we all get outside.

But what to do with the dirty play shoes? If you don’t store them close to the back door where they come in from the yard they track mud and grass through the house. If you store them by the door you have a pile of shoes to trip on at the door.

My solution was this $20 basket I found at target. Not too big to take up much space, but large enough to store at least one pair of yard shoes for each of us. I have it in the “drop zone” right by the back door so as soon as you come in you take them off and deposit them in the basket.

How do you handle shoe storage in your house?



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