Winter Favorites for kids


Thinking back over the winter, here are my top favorite products that we used a ton of this winter:

Honest Company Organic Healing Balm

This stuff works great on my son’s dry, cracking itching eczema skin. Its smells kinds oaty (is that a word?) and it goes on like Vaseline, but all organic.


Honest Company Organic Body Oil

Smells good and really helps with dry skin. Put it on right out of the bath or shower.


Honest Company Lip Balm Trio

I love two outta three scents. We love the plain and the orange one. Out this on before bed and before sending them off to school. I also put it on their dry and cracked noses during a cold.


Honest Company Kid’s Immunity Boost

Powder that can be added to food or drink to give an immunity boost when needed.


Little Noses Saline Drops

We go thought this so quickly. Helps loosen gunk in the nose to make blowing more effective.


Crane Cool Mist Humidifier

I feel like I run these constantly during the winter to moisten the warm dry air in the house from the heat.

We have one in each bedroom.


Boogie Wipes

These save little noses from getting chapped from a lot of blowing or runny noses.


Meadow Blend Soap

LOVE this stuff. So gentle and soothing. Smells good too.



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