Beauty Talk: How I Color my Hair

Ask any woman the question, “If you could have anyone’s hair, whose would it be?”

We all have at least one answer, if not more to this question.

My answer is Jessie James Decker, hands down!!!!

I just love her long, full locks, but I ADORE the color!

If you don’t know who she is, she’s a country singer married to

football player, Eric Decker, and a mommy to two little ones.


Googling her hair I found many tutorials, but was very pleasantly

surprised that she actually has one herself, because she colors it herself!!!

OMG I could NOT love her anymore!!!

So I watched her tutorial and went for it.

Here’s my results-


I am very pleased with the results. It’s soft subtle highlights that will grow out nicely and

only need to be touched like two to three times a year.

She uses Revlon’s Frost and Glow in Honey for the highlights which you can get at any

drug store for under $10. I did one step before the highlights. I had a few tiny grays that

I wanted to cover up first so I did L’Oreal Paris Root Rescue in the color Medium

Ash Brown also under $10. This also helped to darken my roots for some more

contrast against the highlight.

If doing this step I recommend doing this over the weekend.

Do the root touchup on like a Friday night and Saturday or Sunday do the highlights.

You can find Jessie James Decker’s Highlight tutorial on youtube.


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