Christmas Craft: Gingerbread Houses


These gingerbread houses were a big hit this weekend at our house and a great way to kick-off the holiday season.

My kids totally had a blast and my husband and I had so much fun making memories with them.


I took a short cut and used graham crackers for the house. You will need to put the house together and let it set up for a few hours to overnight so the icing dries before decorating so it’s definitely a two part process.


What you Need:

1 box of graham crackers (we made two houses out of this)

1-2 cans of white icing

1 box chex cereal (roof shingles)

1 bag mini gum drops

1 box gingerbread cookies

Mini candy canes

any other decorations you can think of; life savers, pretzels, m&ms, etc.


What to do:

Build the base of the house with the graham crackers using the icing as “cement”.

Let dry/harden for several hours to overnight.

*if you have small children you might want to do this step without them as this can be difficult for them.


Now onto the fun part…

Once dry the house is dry and sturdy, use the icing to attach your decorations to the house.

Once made this little gingerbread house can serve as a lovely decoration on your table for the holiday season.


Enjoy making holiday memories!


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