Holiday Hostess: Prepping for the Holiday


Hi everyone. I’m back with another addition to the Holiday Hostess Series.


This time we are talking prepping.

This is the one thing that I can’t stress enough!!

Prep as much as you can before the Holiday so when you

are hosting you’re not a slave to the kitchen and can actually mingle

with your guest.


Prep as much food before as you can. Can you make it ahead and freeze it?

Can you make it ahead and store it in the fridge?

This is the time to make your life easier and cut corners where you can.

Cut up the potatoes in the morningĀ and let them sit in water till you’re ready to cook them.

Cut up veggies the night before or the morning of.

I use this food chopper when preparing food for Thanksgiving and it was a time-saver.

Are you hosting Christmas brunch? Make as much the night before, let it sit in the fridge and pop it in the oven that morning.

Strategize as much as you can so you can enjoy your day too!


Clean your house a few days before. Do your dusting, wash your table linens, etc. Set the table the night before.

Then the morning of enlist help of family members to straighten up the house, run the vacuum around, wipe down the bathroom while you food prep.

I offer special treats for those who help Mommy.


Happy Prepping for the Holidays!!


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