How to Make Holiday Birthdays Special


My first son was born in December just a little over a week before Christmas.

So I have had a few years now at working on how to make his day special

without Christmas over shadowing it.

Here’s some of my tips if you have a child with a birthday close to Christmas:

  • Make the actual day as special as you can; do cake and ice cream,

give them their presents from you that day go out to dinner even.

I will bring in snacks for his in-school party and we’ll do cake that

night and give him our presents. His grandparents are local so they

will usually come over and share in the festivities.

  • Take them out to dinner or make their favorite food for dinner.

During the week nights it is hard to get out for dinner, so I’ll usually make

his favorite dinner at home and then we’ll go out to dinner close to the date

and he gets to choose where we eat.

  • Don’t combine birthday and Christmas gifts. Combining gifts is the most surefire way

of making someone feel like they got short-changed. Remember theses are kids,

they have no idea how much  presents cost, they are about the # of gifts.

  • Post-pone the actual birthday party or have it earlier. I have found that waiting a few  weeks is better

otherwise we get less people at his party because it gets lost in the shuffle of holiday parties.

Some people do half-birthdays meaning do the party around their birth day in June.

One year I had it the first weekend in December at a gingerbread place and they all got to decorate a house and that was their favor to take home…that one was a cute one!

Lately though, I find waiting a few weeks till after Christmas works better so that we are not competing with holiday events and I can give people better gift ideas once I know what he’s gotten for Christmas or maybe there was something he wanted, but  didn’t get.

  • Don’t save all the good presents for Christmas. Make sure you give them at least one big ticket present or two.

I always give at least a few big-ticket item for his birthday because I don’t want Christmas to steal the show.


  • Something else I do that my mother started with my brother and I when we were little is give the sibling  a present on that day too.

So I have a winter baby and a summer baby so each of them gets one bag full of stuff on the other ones bday.

Now mainly it will be little stuff for the unbirthday child, but I usually do at least one decent size gift.

That way my winter baby gets some presents in the summer too.


  • Wait to decorate or take decorations down early. If you have an early December bday child perhaps wait til the birthday festivities are over before moving on to xmas. Or if you have a late December bday/early January bday child take decoration down early for the bday celebration. I heave heard of people decorating the tree with streamers and such and calling it a birthday tree.

I hope these tips help you make your little ones holiday birthday special.


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