Have a Green Period


So this whole #GreenIn2016 campaign I’m on has me looking more closely at all the

products I am using.And it occurred to me at a certain time of the month to question

what is in my feminine care products?

A little research revealed that what I had been using wasn’t good.

Women’sVoices.org has a whole section dedicated to this issue with a fact sheet

and a whole report they did on this subject that I found rather informative and

I highly recommend it if you are interested in learning more.

Basically, like beauty products, feminine care products are not really monitored

by the FDA and they can contain a host of chemicals that can cause cancers.


So I was delighted to find out that one of my favorite companies recently

launched their version of safer feminine  products.

Honest Company has a whole line of Organic Cotton Tampons in Regular,

Super and Super Plus absorbencies (available with or without an applicator)

and also Organic Cotton Panty Liner and Pads.

This was the route that I decided to take and I’ve been very happy with the products.

There are other methods to green your period like the reusable/washable

menstrual cups and pads, but for me this was the easiest option because it is

very similar to what I was already doing and being that most days I am at work

I need the ease of having something sanitary and disposable.


For those premenstrual days when I can get easily stressed and a bit crazed

over the tiniest things. I reach for my trusty, all-natural Stress Relief Complex

to calm me without making me drowsy and I just added B Complex to my next

Shaklee order as B vitamins are supposed to be extremely effective in alleviating

PMS and Menopausal symptoms. (Calcium Magnesium will help with chocolate

cravings during PMS, in addition to relieving muscle cramps, i.e., abdominal, leg, etc.)


What steps have you taken to green your period?



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