How I save $100 a year on Dish Soap

This stuff is like liquid gold!! Not only does it clean my dishes with one tiny drop, but it gets them cleaner than any other dish soap AND one bottle LASTS for like TWO MONTHS!!!

Besides its cleaning power it is biodegradable, safe for the environment, gentle on your hands and non-toxic. Other soaps would make my eczema flair up when I washed dishes, NOT Shaklee.

The Clean side was with Shaklee Dish Soap

If you join Shaklee as a member, the dish soap costs only $6.90 and I go through one bottle roughly every two months. I was using one bottle of Dawn foaming dish soap every week/week an a half before I switched at around $5.80 a bottle. So you do the math! OK… I’ll do it for you; let’s be conservative and say I went through one bottle of Dawn every two weeks that would be roughly $11.60 a month, with Shaklee Dish soap at the end of the month I still have about 1/2 a bottle left, but even if I used the whole bottle I have already saved $4.70, using half the bottle for the month means you spent $3.45 a month on dish soap giving you a savings of $8.15 a month. $8 a month adds up to just under $100 a year.

Pair it with Shaklee’s great Reusable Microfiber Sponges.

So get yours today and start cleaning healthy and saving!!

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