How I Clean Naturally #Green in 2016

If you have been following along here you know I try to do things as naturally as possible.
And this year I have designated Green as my mantra. I’m greening the way I do things.
Well this is an area that I have been pretty good at for several years already
and I thought I’d share with you.
Several years ago I found this wonderful company called Shaklee
that had this line of nontoxic cleaning supplies called Get Clean.
I started off with their product, Organic Basic H2.
They said it cleans everything and is one of the
only products you’ll ever need to clean and they were right!!
Basic H comes concentrated and you dilute it
for the job you need; windows, all-purpose, and degreaser.
Not only does Shaklee’s Get Clean Products work,
they Cost pennies!!!
One 16 oz. bottle of Basic H2 diluted per label directions 
makes 214 bottles (28 oz.) of ready-to-use all-purpose cleaner.
Here’s a comparison chart on Shaklee’s H Get Clean Products and other Name Brand Products
It took me over a year, to use half my bottle of Basic H2 concentrate.
And I have washed everything inside and outside of my house several times over.
I do my windows, counter tops, floors, tables, bedroom furniture, sinks, bathrooms,
toilets, carpets, cars, siding, play sets, kiddie pools and other outdoor toys.
And all with the piece of mind that I am
using nothing harmful to my family!!! :)
Because it is concentrated, it is also much better for the environment.
You dilute it and use it in the same spray bottles and reuse and reuse them
until they don’t work any more. Recycle them when they finally break and
recycle the concentrate bottle when you finally use it all up.
I know once you try it, you’ll love it like I do!!!
 So what are you waiting for? Order your Get Clean Starter Kit today!
*Disclaimer- I am a Shaklee distributor and if you purchase from my links I will make a commission.

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