Cleaning your Air Conditioner the Nontoxic Way

cleaning the AC

Cleaning your Air Conditioner is not the most fun chore, but it is a necessary one.

Although it’s not quite time for us to start using the old AC here in New England, it might be in your neck of the woods,

so I’m sharing how I keep pour clean the green way.


I have one in-the-wall AC and two window units. I always clean them in May before using them, once each month during use and once before winterizing/storing them.

1. First turn off the AC and let it sit for a while. Make sure it is dry before you start to clean it.

2. I get out my vacuum and put on the brush attachment. Then I vacuum the front vents.


3.Then I open the unit and vacuum there too.


4.  Then I grab my handy Germ-off wipes and clean the vents to the filter and to where the air comes out.

This is an area that can get pretty gross with mold, so I like to get on top of it.

Then I wipe the rest of the unit down as well with a fresh wipe.


5. Next I take the filter to my sink and rinse it. Scrub it with a brush and some Shaklee Basic H2 and rinse again. I dry it with towels and when it’s completely dry I put it back in the AC.


Now you are ready to run a clean AC.

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