Spring Cleaning: Window Screens

Spring cleaning: window screens

Although it hasn’t been reflected on the ole blog, I promise I have been busy Spring Cleaning.

It has been warm enough to open the windows FINALLY!! But when I opened them to let the fresh air in this week… fresh was not the word I would use for my window screens and sills.

YUKCY is more like it. Dirty, dusty screens and black/green window sills.


First I had the hubby help me take all the screens down and took them to my patio for a washing.

Then I got my trusty Basic H2 and a scrub brush (I have designated specifically for this job) and grabbed the hose.

I rinsed, then scrubbed with some Basic H2 (I squirted directly onto the brush), then rinsed both sides of each screen and left them to dry outside.


Back in the house I got paper towels and my spray bottle of vinegar and went to town cleaning the inside, outside and sills of my windows.

Typically during my usually cleaning I use Basic H2 the window spray. But during my Spring and Fall cleaning I always use vinegar as it disinfects and insects don’t like the smell.


Then I put the screens back in with hubby’s help again. Voila- now we do have fresh air coming in.


Check out my one-stop Spring Cleaning Guide for more spring cleaning ideas and tips.




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