Spring Cleaning: The Closets


I always start the Spring Clean of bedrooms with the closets because it can be dusty in there so I don’t want to clean the room and bring dusty stuff out and make it dirty again.

Here’s a before shot of one of our closets-

Not too too bad. But definitely in need of a cleaning and makeover.
The shelves were plastic and rickety and not working for us.
We needed more storage space.
Here’s the after version-
We didn’t need that much space to hang clothes as this room has several dressers, what we needed was toy storage so I purchased this cubby system and some cloth bins. It fits perfectly, but my hubby did have to build it in the closet as it would not have fit it once built- we measured first!
To Clean the Closets:
1. First take everything out.
2. Dust the ceiling and wall- yes I said dust the closet. Start from the ceiling, do the walls
and any shelves. This is good to do because sometimes you may find a spider or two in there as a nice, warm cozy closet is a good place to hide and not get bothered.
3. You may need to clean the walls if your closet has a musty smell- mix a little baking soda and warm water and dampen a sponge or rag and wipe down the walls.
4. Vacuum the floor and, if needed, clean it as well.
5. Now that the closet is clean, it is time to address the STUFF that goes back in.
6. Go through the clothing and decide what you wear and don’t wear, for a kid’s closet you need to address what doesn’t fit any more and what they are growing into.
7. Decide what type or organizing is needed; more room to hang stuff? more storage like a dressers or drawers? need more shelving?
8. If its a kids closet you may want to have a bin for clothes as they outgrow them. When you find an item that doesn’t fit anymore stick it in there and when it gets full it is time to store them for the younger ones or donate them.
TIP- if your closet still has that musty closet smell try sprinkling some baking soda
in your shoes- as shoes are usually the culprit.

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