Spring Cleaning- Washing the Curtains

Before I deep clean a room I like to take the time to wash the curtains before I  start to dust.

For instance I pick a day to I know I can get the cleaning of all the bedrooms out of the way. Before I start to clean I take down all the curtains in the bedrooms and bring them to the laundry room. Curtains can really collect a lot of dust, you should really wash them at least twice a year, if not more. If you or a family member has a dust allergy you should wash them more frequently.

I short them into two piles each for their own load- one for sheers and the other for drapes. My curtains happen to be in the same color family somewhat- sheers are cream or white and drapes are light blues, greens and beige so I can get away doing two loads. You may need to separate yours more by dark and light colored drapes if needed.

I toss mine in the wash on COLD on the HANDWASH or DELICATE cycle. Choose the gentlest cycle your machine has. If they say dry clean only, then follow the directions, unless you are willing to gamble and see how they turn out. I only buy draperies that say I can machine wash (personal preference, as I HATE dry cleaning and the chemicals that come with it).

When they are done in the wash I move them to the dryer and put on AIR DRY/FLUFF, NO HEAT, whatever is the gentlest cycle you have. If they are not drying I sometimes put them on LOW HEAT and do like 5 min intervals and keep checking them until they are dry.

If you don’t like ironing, like me, then you need to take them out IMMEDIATELY when dry and hang them right back up. They may be a little wrinkled but they will fall out in a day or so. If a few wrinkles for a few days doesn’t bother you, go this route. Otherwise iron before putting back up.

Just be sure to finishing CLEANING THE ROOM BEFORE putting them back up as you don’t want dust all over your freshly cleaned curtains! Putting the fresh curtains up is the last step.

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