How to get the Musty Smell Out of Your Towels

I recently went in to my dryer to get a load of laundry out and it smelt like the laundry had been in there for days and I know that it hadn’t. So I rewashed the load, sprayed the inside of my dryer with vinegar and wiped and then ran a towel dampened with vinegar through a dry cycle. When it no longer smelt and the laundry was washed I redried them and they smelt fine. Now several days went by and I opened the dryer, this time to a load of towels and I smelt the musty smell again. This time the answer was staring me in the face- the towels!!! So I put them in the wash, this time after adding the laundry detergent I added roughly 1 cup White Vinegar (I eye-balled it) to the load. This time they came out with no smell and when I dried them the dryer didn’t smell- YEAH! So the moral of the story- always wash towels in HOT water and add 1 cup vinegar to keep them smelling clean!
Happy Laundering! :)


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    I must try this again: I have some stubborn towels that resist all my efforts to make them feel as nice as I’d want! I tried with baking soda and vinegar once, but maybe I didn’t use enough… Anyway, another try is in order! Thanks for sharing :)

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