Unexpected Summer Uses for Shaklee’s Organic Basic H2


If you follow me you know how much I LOVE Basic H2.There are literally thousands of uses for it.

Besides as a traditional cleaning product, here are some rather unexpected uses for Basic H2 for the summer:

1. Add a few drops of Basic H2 to your kid’s splash pool to keep the water cleaner longer and keep bugs out. After you empty it weekly it spray it down with the Degreaser formula and spray clean with the hose. Then refill it and ad a few drops in.

2. As a bug spray- grab your all-purpose bottle and spray everyone before they go outside to play.

3. In the tub water- add a few drops to the bath water for superb bubbles and get all the grime of summer play and sunscreen residue off those kiddos. (We actually use it all year as it helps with my kids sensitive skin issues)

4. As a  non-toxic, safe insecticide-

Ant hills- Grab a bowl use about ½ tsp Basic H2 and fill the rest with HOT tap water. Pour over ant hill. Do as many times as necessary. It strips the ants’ exterior coating and suffocates them.

Bee and Wasps Nests- Wait till dusk/ night time when they are in their nest. Grab an ortho sprayer for this I fill it up ¾ to ½ fill and set it to blast and soak them. Works the same way as for ants, stripes their exterior coating and suffocates them. We have had great luck with this when we find small wasps next forming under the eaves around the pool.

5. As a Car wash- Add 1 tbsp to a gallon of water in a bucket, toss in some sponges and get to cleaning!! Safe for the whole family to help out now!

6. On your lawn for control of fleas, ticks and mosquitos- Grab your ortho sprayer mix 1 part Basic H2 and 1 part Basic G (germicide) and set the dial for 2 (2tbsp per gallon water). Use it to spray down outdoor kennel areas, as a house wash and pest control, spray your patios and porches.

7. To bathe the dog- Summer is the perfect time to get the dog outside and washed up. I  add a few drops to a gallon bucket, fill it with warm water and ¼ cup Apple Cider Vinegar and use a large sponge  or plastic cup to pour it over the dog outside on my patio. I let it sit for a little bit, (if your dog is a really dirty you may need to do this twice or scrub a little on the dirtiest spots). Then Rinse with plain warm water, or on a hot day we grab the hose and rinse her off.

Do you have any other uses for Basic H2? I love to hear about them.


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