FALL Cleaning Tasks

Ahh! The crisp cool smell of fall is in the air.
While the days are still warm and sunny it is snugly weather at night- which I LOVE!!!
The trees are still green, but some are starting to turn their brilliant autumn shades.
When you look around you will notice all the little critters start to prepare for winter-
so let’s take a cue from them and start our Fall Cleaning Tasks.

Here’s what I do each FALL

  • Make appointment to have oil burner cleaned and inspected¬† before the Winter (I call in September for an appointment in October)
  • Make an appointment to have Sprinkler System winterized and turned off (I call in September for an appointment in October)
  • Close the swimming Pool (September)
  • Steam Clean all the rugs in my house
  • Remove Air Conditioners in windows
  • Close up and winterize wall Air Conditioner
  • Wash and either rehang or swap out curtains in all the rooms
  • Wash all Window Screens
  • Check all Windows and Doors- re-caulk if necessary
  • Flip all mattresses
  • Wash all Bedding and pillows
  • Give each room a good deep cleaning, by moving big pieces of furniture and dusting/vacuuming behind/under them.
  • Change out every one’s clothes for Fall and Winter (when weather warrants it)
  • Clean out Fridge
  • Clean out Freezer
  • Clean out Pantry
  • Clean Oven and Toaster Oven
  • Clean Microwave
  • Wash outside of kitchen cabinets
  • Clean inside of kitchen cabinets
  • Turn OFF outdoor water hoses and store hoses (once temps at night start to teeter around the freezing mark)
  • Clean and store all patio furniture
  • Test Smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors- change batteries if necessary
  • Rake and clean yard
  • Check and clean out gutters
  • Go through toys for donations- I usually do this in November to make room for the massive influx coming at Christmas!
  • Try on all winter coats and gloves and purchase new if necessary
  • Clean out the inside of all vehicles
  • Wash outside of all vehicles
  • Start buying salt every other week or so¬†to stock up for winter to put down to melt the ice
  • Winterize lawn- cut it and put down and fertilizer needed
  • Bring shovels towards front of garage and start the snow blower to test it before we need it
Happy Fall Cleaning! What else do you do in the fall to get ready for winter?
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  1. says

    Wow! That is quite a list of Fall tasks. It makes living in Southern California seem very easy! There are a lot of weather-related tasks that we simply never have to deal with. I’m suddenly feeling very appreciative for my local. :) Some things have to be done no matter where you live, and you have made an excellent list.

    Stopped by from the Holiday Survival Guide 2014 link party.

    Life With Lorelai

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