Fall Hit List


I decided to forgo the monthly favorites as I’m finding my favs don’t change that much.

I did a Summer Hit List and I enjoyed that. I think it’s better to do my favorites by seasons because that’s when I see more of a change and that way I can trim it down to my essential picks for the season.


First off every fall I can’t wait to break out my boots!! Every gal needs a great bootie. Essential colors for me are black and a brown color.

I just ordered these in the brown color and I’m so excited, Love the cool details.


It rains a lot in the fall so I think a great pair of Hunter rain boots is essential. You could go traditional and choose the classic green or black or go for a fun pop of color with a pink or red.


So far, just like summer, my favs have all been shoes. LOL! Well at least I’m consistent in my love affair with shoes, no matter the season.


As the weather get cooler I start to need to add a layer for warmth. This olive green utility jacket fit the bill and goes with everything.


Jeans become my best friend in the fall and these are my current favs.


The blanket scarf makes the first of its many appearances in the fall. I use it as an accessory or a blanket at soccer games.


I also love to add some fun in with a colored jean like these olive ones.


Sneakers are my jam for quick runs to the soccer field or grocery store. Go for these classic white ones or a colored version for some fun color.


I love Honey Bee Gardens lipstick in Thoroughbred- great neutral lip for fall.


Favorite fall drink turns to hard apple cider in the fall for a taste of the season.


I love a great hat! I often turn to them on the weekend for errands when I need to leave the house but I just can’t muster up the energy to make my hair presentable.

I love a great floppy hat, but for most events like grocery shopping it seems to dramatic for me, and totally not realistic on the soccer field as any wind takes it right off my head.

So I have opted to do more fun and sophisticated baseball hats, they are less dramatic then a floppy hat and make you look more pulled together than an regular one.

Here’s another cute style.


Pumpkin everything, everywhere. ALL DAY LONG!! I want so see them everywhere and eat everything pumpkin!!!


And last but not least Vitamin C. With back to school in the fall comes the germs. We break this stuff out at the first sign of sniffles or scratchy throats.


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