Beauty Talk: My Favorite Winter Foundation



As I said the other day I began to take  a look at my beauty products last year and tried to find healthier options.

My argan oil allergy added a fun twist to things and has limited what beauty products I can use.

I had been using this Juice beauty foundation at the time and had to discontinue it immediately because it has argan powder in it. I also tried this Honest Co tinted moisturizer but I couldn’t get past the smell.

I did like both of these foundations, however I can no longer use the Juice Beauty one due to my allergy and I can’t use the Honest Co one because of the smell, but I did like how it applied and covered.


So I searched for a healthier option I could find and test in my local beauty store for correct color that did NOT contain argan oil or powder or an odor.


I had used Bare Minerals in the past and was delighted to find that they now have a liquid and cream formula . I always made a mess with their powders.

I love their BARESKIN foundation for winter, I am in the shade Bare Porcelian 01. t’s a serum made with the bare minimum ingredients and formulated without oil, silicone, parabens or fragrance.

It has a coconut-derived base with jojoba-coated mineral pigments and non-chemical broad spectrum SPF 20. It is light-weight, feels and looks like your own skin and I would say is  light-to-medium coverage but buildable to fuller-coverage.

For me it blurs imperfections and discoloration and I love the serum aspect for winter because I can get VERY DRY SKIN in the winter up here in New York. If you have oily skin I don’t think you’d like this product.

But if you are dry and looking for something to hydrate your skin and actually help it while you wear it , then this foundation is for you. I do use the recommended brush when applying.


I do recommend setting the foundation. I  use this powder from Honey Bee Garden in the color Geisha. And I use the concealer from the BARESKIN line when needed.


What is your favorite winter foundation?



**This is NOT an add. Opinions are my own of products I purchased with my own money.

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