My Argan Oil Allergy



So it occurred to me while I was writing my 2017 post that I never really shared greening my beauty products which was one thing I was going to do in 2016 as part of my #greenin2016 post.

Why I didn’t share about beauty products and stuck to cleaning products was shortly after delving into the world of greener beauty products I hit a snafu. I found out I was allergic to argan oil.

How did I discover this? Well I had a lovely reaction that landed my in the ER.


I was reading about the benefits of using it as a moisturizer, so I chose a reputable organic brand and tried it out. I knew it was the argan oil that caused the symptoms because it was the only new thing I tried and the reaction happened within 5 minutes of applying.  I had been using products with argan oil in it, but I never had a problem until I used it straight on my face. Needless to say after that I had to comb through ALL my beauty products and toss out the ones that had it as an ingredient.  So that was shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, lotions and my new green foundation. Now I have to really read all the labels of all new beauty products because argan oil is fastly becoming a popular ingredient in green and non-green beauty products.

So I continue to look for  better and cleaner products, but I also try new items one at a time to determine if I have a reaction and what item is causing it. Also as a side note caution when trying greener products, the levels and the purity of the products are higher and something that didn’t bother you before can bother you when it is at a higher potency and purity level like if did for me.


Have you had a reaction to a green or non-green beauty product?


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