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Scour Off vs. Greasy Toaster Oven

PicMonkey Collage

  Don’t judge…this is what my toaster oven looked like the other day. Quite the mess!!! I used my Shaklee Hand & Dish Wash Soap with my Miracle Scrubber Pad and when I got to the stubborn parts I broke out my trusty Scour Off paste and used it with the miracle scrubber pad and […]

Nontoxic Toaster Oven


What? Toasters are toxic? What am I talking about???!!! Well this story begins when I wanted a new toaster oven for my birthday- simple enough request, right? Who would have thought it would become quite a production?! I did some shopping and decided on a KitchenAid Toaster. It was pretty and new and shiny and when […]

FALL Cleaning Tasks


Ahh! The crisp cool smell of fall is in the air. While the days are still warm and sunny it is snugly weather at night- which I LOVE!!! The trees are still green, but some are starting to turn their brilliant autumn shades. When you look around you will notice all the little critters start […]

My Favorites

Hi there. Here is a listing of my favorite products for just about every subject. Beauty Products MORE COMING SOON LIPS Elf Lip Exfoliator Enfuselle Lip Treatment See how to pamper your lips with these simple steps DEODORANT Shaklee Essentials Aniperspirant Cream  PERFUMES Pink Innocenia  by Sonia Kashuk   Design by Paul Sebastian Brit Eau de […]