How to Make Holiday Birthdays Special


My first son was born in December just a little over a week before Christmas. So I have had a few years now at working on how to make his day special without Christmas over shadowing it. Here’s some of my tips if you have a child with a birthday close to Christmas: Make the […]

Winter Favorites for kids


Thinking back over the winter, here are my top favorite products that we used a ton of this winter: Honest Company Organic Healing Balm This stuff works great on my son’s dry, cracking itching eczema skin. Its smells kinds oaty (is that a word?) and it goes on like Vaseline, but all organic.   Honest […]

How I Healed my Son’s Eczema

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My seven year old son has suffered from eczema the past few years. His hands get so bad they can bleed. Thankfully, he doesn’t get it everywhere like some people can. It is worst in the summer and winter probably due to dryness in winter and the heat and humidity in the summer.   We […]

My Secret for Night Time Leaks


Now of course I mean the kiddos leakage, not myself.  One night whilst changing the entire bed so I could put my freshly redressed and now crying son back in at after finding him soaked through. I had a “light bulb moment”- there has to be a better way to do this. Upon waking wet […]

Square Diaper Cake


Diaper cakes are a fun decoration for baby showers and they are easy to make- especially this one.Typical round diaper cakes have each diaper wrapped and then rubber banded- a pain for both the one creating and receiving the cake. A square diaper cake has the diapers folded and then you stack them and tie […]

Are You Listening to Your Baby?

   This is a fascinating video from The Oprah Show about how babies use 5 words to communicate with us their needs. Wish I had heard this when my first was little- would have helped alot! Check it out- it’s simply AMAZING!!!!     Are you intrigued? For more info check out the website- […]