FALL Cleaning Tasks


Ahh! The crisp cool smell of fall is in the air. While the days are still warm and sunny it is snugly weather at night- which I LOVE!!! The trees are still green, but some are starting to turn their brilliant autumn shades. When you look around you will notice all the little critters start […]

Unexpected Summer Uses for Shaklee’s Organic Basic H2


If you follow me you know how much I LOVE Basic H2.There are literally thousands of uses for it. Besides as a traditional cleaning product, here are some rather unexpected uses for Basic H2 for the summer: 1. Add a few drops of Basic H2 to your kid’s splash pool to keep the water cleaner […]

How to get the Musty Smell Out of Your Towels


I recently went in to my dryer to get a load of laundry out and it smelt like the laundry had been in there for days and I know that it hadn’t. So I rewashed the load, sprayed the inside of my dryer with vinegar and wiped and then ran a towel dampened with vinegar through […]

How to Clean Your Washing Machine


OK, say what? Clean my washing machine? But… isn’t that what it does? Isn’t a washing machine’s whole purpose to clean things? Well…. yes and no. Yes it cleans our clothes, but to keep it smelling fresh and doing its job properly and prolong its life- you really should clean it periodically. Now depending on […]

How to Clean Your Pillows


Did you know that your pillows can hide dust mites???!!! YUCK!!! So it is very important to clean or replace your pillow periodically. Now most soft fiber (synthetic or down) filled pillows can be washed in the washing machine- check the washing instructions on the pillow tag. The squishy contoured foam ones can’t be washed, […]

Spring Clean: The Bedrooms


OK so we have cleaned the bedroom closets and have washed the curtains. Now it is time to deep clean the  bedroom. Start from the top and work your way down: dust ceiling fans and  fixtures. dust crown moldings. dust curtain hardware. dust walls. dust furniture. dust all decorative items and picture frames. dust lamps. […]

Spring Cleaning- Washing the Curtains


Before I deep clean a room I like to take the time to wash the curtains before I  start to dust. For instance I pick a day to I know I can get the cleaning of all the bedrooms out of the way. Before I start to clean I take down all the curtains in the bedrooms and […]

Spring Cleaning: The Closets


  I always start the Spring Clean of bedrooms with the closets because it can be dusty in there so I don’t want to clean the room and bring dusty stuff out and make it dirty again. Here’s a before shot of one of our closets- Not too too bad. But definitely in need of a […]

How to Dust


The correct way to dust is from the top down, this way you don’t get dust on areas you just dusted. And then vacuum the room after dusting. 1. Get out your Swiffer (or other duster) and start with the ceiling- ceiling fans and light fixtures. 2. Then do the crown moldings. 3. Dust walls […]