Beauty Talk: My Favorite Winter Foundation


  As I said the other day I began to take  a look at my beauty products last year and tried to find healthier options. My argan oil allergy added a fun twist to things and has limited what beauty products I can use. I had been using this Juice beauty foundation at the time […]

My Argan Oil Allergy


  So it occurred to me while I was writing my 2017 post that I never really shared greening my beauty products which was one thing I was going to do in 2016 as part of my #greenin2016 post. Why I didn’t share about beauty products and stuck to cleaning products was shortly after delving […]

July Favorites

july favs

Shaklee’s Enfuselle Hand & Body Lotion- was a favorite for dry irritated skin in the winter and makes it on the favorites list again in the summer. With lot of dresses happening in this heat nothing  works better at keeping my skin looking soft and healthy.   BoyMom Hat- I wonder why this topped the list….. […]

Unexpected Summer Uses for Shaklee’s Organic Basic H2


If you follow me you know how much I LOVE Basic H2.There are literally thousands of uses for it. Besides as a traditional cleaning product, here are some rather unexpected uses for Basic H2 for the summer: 1. Add a few drops of Basic H2 to your kid’s splash pool to keep the water cleaner […]

Cleaning your Air Conditioner the Nontoxic Way


cleaning the AC Cleaning your Air Conditioner is not the most fun chore, but it is a necessary one. Although it’s not quite time for us to start using the old AC here in New England, it might be in your neck of the woods, so I’m sharing how I keep pour clean the green […]

Spring Cleaning: Window Screens

Spring cleaning: window screens

Although it hasn’t been reflected on the ole blog, I promise I have been busy Spring Cleaning. It has been warm enough to open the windows FINALLY!! But when I opened them to let the fresh air in this week… fresh was not the word I would use for my window screens and sills. YUKCY […]

How I Clean Naturally #Green in 2016


If you have been following along here you know I try to do things as naturally as possible. And this year I have designated Green as my mantra. I’m greening the way I do things. Well this is an area that I have been pretty good at for several years already and I thought I’d […]

Have a Green Period


So this whole #GreenIn2016 campaign I’m on has me looking more closely at all the products I am using.And it occurred to me at a certain time of the month to question what is in my feminine care products? A little research revealed that what I had been using wasn’t good. Women’ has a whole section dedicated […]

How I save $100 a year on Dish Soap


This stuff is like liquid gold!! Not only does it clean my dishes with one tiny drop, but it gets them cleaner than any other dish soap AND one bottle LASTS for like TWO MONTHS!!! Besides its cleaning power it is biodegradable, safe for the environment, gentle on your hands and non-toxic. Other soaps would make my eczema […]