Is your Nail Polish Toxic?


Yes you should now also be checking the labeling on your nail polish! Many traditional brands carry dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde — commonly called the ”toxic trio.” Toluene is a toxin that may cause birth defects and developmental problems in children of pregnant women who have had extended exposure. Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), which has been linked […]

Back to School Lunch Gear


I used to love the fall, until I had kids that were old enough to go to school. Now back to school dampens my favorite time of the year     Whether you love or hate back to school, you still need to do the back-to-school shopping for supplies thing. So  I am sharing my favorite […]

Nontoxic Mattress


Most Mattresses are Toxic The boys were in need of new mattresses so I decided to do some research into the new nontoxic mattresses. Typical adult and crib mattresses contain dangerous chemicals and toxic gases that are not healthy for anyone, but particularly not safe for babies. The primary filling material used in nearly all […]

Laptop Lunches By BENTO-WARE


Knowing that in the fall my son is going to need a lunch system I decided to start researching them now and was pleased to find and purchase this Laptop Lunch System from Bento-ware. I decided upon this system as it offered a way to keep his lunches contained and cool and it also had […]

CeraVe Cream for skin issues


This winter both my son and I were plagued with dry skin issues. Mine started and was caused by washing my hands too much and getting my skin dried out. I tried tons of creams, but my usual stand-bys were not cutting it- my hands were so dried out they were at the point they were […]

Portable North Pole

If you have a little one, you need to try this- so cool! You can make their very own video message from Santa!!!

Sensitive Skin Care- Exederm to the Rescue!!


My kids were blessed with my sensitive skin (poor things). About a year ago my eldest son started scratching his face constantly to the point that it was bleeding and I finally figured out it was the Johnson’s bubble bath I was using was giving him eczema. A trip to the pediatrician confirmed that yes indeed the […]

Honest Company Diapers


I recently have not been happy with the diapers I had been using on my toddler- Pampers Baby Dry (didn’t have Dry Max). I noticed that they smell a little chemical to me lately- that I never noticed before and that the seem to fall apart very easily lately and I have those annoying gel […]