Holiday Survival Guide- Week 6


We’re halfway through the Holiday Survival Guide for 2014! Week 6 and we are sharing some more Fall recipes. ¬†We’ve also got the top entries from last week’s linkparty and a fresh link up for all your lovely recipes!   We’re going to get you decluttered, organized, cleaned,decorated, and ready for all the holiday fun… […]

Holiday Survival Guide- Week 5


And we’ve made it to the last week of October! Hopefully you’re nice and organized and well-planned and have been able to enjoy all the spooky festivities. I know our family has enjoyed not having a last minute scramble for costume pieces, treats, and pumpkins. Instead we’ve gotten to really enjoy the parties, decorating pumpkins, […]

Holiday Survival Guide 2014


Someone just mentioned to me today that there are only 100 days till Christmas. YIKES!! Are you ready? I don’t feel like I am yet. Especially since the next three months will be a whirlwind of parties, events, visitors, things to make and bake and cook, traveling…and at some point we should probably clean and […]

Spring Cleaning


Its that time of year when we start to feel the slightest bit of freshness in the air, its warming up a bit, the birds are chirping and everyone is getting spring fever. Well where I am, there is still plenty of snow on the ground and although it is warming up and starting to […]

Kid-Friendly Coats Solution


Hi there! Back to School is in the air as the fall chill is starting to break through the August heat. If you haven’t already started back to school then you are about to.  And with school starting that means coat weather will soon be upon us once again.  So I thought I would share […]